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2002-01-06 06:26:56 (UTC)

what a wonderful day NOT!!

well, today was a shitty today... I almost killed tami ha
ha its not really funny but it is.. Islands was HORRIBLE
last nite Jason showed up there and well I pretty much DONT
want to talk to him EVER again I told him that and hes like
why are you being like this.... I told him to text message
adam and he called me a bitch!!!!!!!!!! so today really
wasnt that good !! i had a girl from the diary thing and
write me a message that cheered me up! Thanks Liya :) it
cheered me up I slept from 2-12 tonite and now Im gonna go
back up to bed so I just wanted to write in here and vent
out about jason calling me a BITCH!!!!

love espy

.....There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking
makes it so........
Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2

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