Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-01-06 06:04:12 (UTC)

New Semester's Resolutions - #3

I would feel a like more confident and less self-conscious
if I made just a little bit more of an effort to look my
best and take care of myself. Yes, everyone pretty much
just rolls out of bed and goes to class a lot of the time,
but I think I'd be better off if I did it less often. I
always feel better when I go to class-or anywhere- knowing
that I look nice.

*In one week, I will have a maximum of 2 "just rolled out
of bed and went to class" days. (Trust me- towards the end
of the semester, it gets to be way more than 2!)

*Even on "bumming it" days, I will never leave for class
without at least a little makeup on.

*I will continue my ritual of curling my hair every Friday
night- no matter what my plans are.

*I will curl my hair in the morning AT LEAST once a week.

*I will stop sleeping in my makeup and contacts, ect.

*Even though it's winter and no one really ever has to see
my legs, I will not go for more than 3 days without shaving

*I will keep my eyebrows nicely plucked.

*I will try to remember to wear my perfume every day.