Squeeb's world
2002-01-06 05:56:57 (UTC)

A load off my chest

Well for once I actually went through with my New Year's
Resolution. Every year for the past 5, I have promised
myself that I would tell him how I felt so I could get on
with my life, one way or another. With or without him. So
we were talking and it just kinda came up. He said that I
didn't need to be afraid to tell him ANYTHING and so I told
him how I'd had this thing for this guy for like six and a
half years and of course he doesn't clue in right away:
BOOZER says:
so what is the guys name just tell me
Sher says:
Lord love a duck you're clueless
BOOZER says:
is it me?
Sher says:
ding ding ding, give the boy a prize

So then he goes on to bring up the bane of my existence:
BOOZER says:
u know that i have a girlfriend right?
Sher says:
yeah I do- which is the major reason I never told you and
thank you oh so much for bringing that up again

But then he went on to say how flattered he was and stuff:
BOOZER says:
so u are saying that u really want me but u know i hjave a
g/f and stuff, at least u are honest
Sher says:
just put yourself in my shoes and think about it. I've just
had this humongous thing, honestly since the day we met.
Weird I know and I am now shutting my mouth cuz this is too
weird telling you this
Sher says:
BOOZER says:
do not feel bad do not and i repeat do not feel like i will
be upset or anything about it b/c i tiis a compliment that
someone thinks that of me

So besides acting like a guy and being all sexual and stuff,
he was really sweet about the whole thing. He even promised
me he wouldn't tell his family- I asked him not to because
I'd die if they found out.

Anyhoo I think I shall go to bed now- listen to my Pearl
Harbour soundtrack and stare up at my beautiful Joshy!

Current mood: relieved
Current music: Pearl Harbour soundtrack