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2002-01-06 05:31:38 (UTC)

The True Beauty

Look at me all shiny and new
We've been here four years, now look at you
I've been reserved for others to see
From cover to cover, I'm all beauty
I'm on a shelf, Your all alone
My pages are not folded My beauty is not gone
My cover is ironed, And wrinkled free
I have no markers, inside of me
I stand in pride for others to see
Don't you wish you looked like me
Then all of a sudden I heard you speak
And that Is when I began to weap
Yes I am old And my cover is torn
My pages are folded and wrote upon
My seams come apart, so many pages you must turn slow,
But I am the one reaching many of a soul
I am picked up throughout the day,
I feel loved and not pushed away
I feel the tears as they drop on me
And I see many smiles when they find victory
Yes, I am ragged and I am torn, But I’m not the one left
For I have led many friends toward God’s throne
No, I’m not all shiny and new
But I sure am glad I don’t look like you

Shelvy McCoy