The Subway Fantasia
2002-01-06 05:16:11 (UTC)


I am exhausted. I wake up at 6:00 every morning to get to
work at 7:00. I leave work at 4:30 five... days... a week.
God knows how many hours that is, I stopped doing math
homework ever since I got this lousy job. I OPEN!
Wooooow... I open the store, customers open their mouths,
and my social life closes up into a teeny tiny little
scrap of crumbled up subway napkin. AIEEEEE!

I need help, somebody call the fast-food-employee-
emergency hotline or something. If there isn't such a

I was lying on the sofa... with my mouth sorta hanging
over, as I am capable of doing much else after a long
saturday in hell (subway, in case you people aren't
following). The buzzer in the kitchen goes off, my mom
cooking something or rather, a second later I am standing
upright in the kitchen. From snoozing to standing, two
rooms apart. Do I remember the journey? NO! T-4! T-4!
Don't burn the bread! Cycle the dough into the proofer!
Cut and stretch! Get the cookies! T-1 is going off!

I was sleeping last night, and had a dream. I have this
dream all the time, and can never sleep. I awake on my
bed, making sandwhiches for people. The pillow is the
bread, and in order to cut the bread I must remove the
pillowcase. Sometimes I awake and there is a line out the
door, as there is in real life every day, and I am too
tired to go on. I could just lie down here on the cold
floor, my bed, and happily sleep... but everybody would
look at me, I would get yelled out and fired by the boss.
Is it worth it? I can't even keep my eyes open and they
sorta swim around in my head without my control as I try
to focus, I go through the routine nocturnally... bell
peppers? olives? I can barely utter the words, and my
pillowcase is somewhere on the ground in the darkness...

I am despair.