The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-01-06 05:09:34 (UTC)

Georgia Tech could probably beat Notre Dame, too

My school's fight song sucks. We ripped off the Notre Dame
fight song and used bad lyrics. I don't think any student
in the whole school knows the lyrics to the school song.

Apparently, this sort of thing has been going on for years,
with countless high schools using Notre Dame's fight song.
Will someone please tell me why? It's not *that* great.

This is part of the reason I find it impossible to have any
school spirit. Granted, I don't care about school sports
in the slightest, but it would be a little easier to be
favorably disposed towards the sports teams if our school
song was better. Instead, I'm happy when the football
teams loses the homecoming game.

What bothers me is not that we ripped off a college fight
song, but that we ripped off the Notre Dame fight song.
See, the school is pretty close to Notre Dame, so of course
every student has heard the song plenty of times. The last
thing we need is for our school song to have the same tune.

The other schools in our district were a little more
creative. One of them, for instance, uses the tune from
the USC fight song. But instead of going beyond the state
line, we just go down the street.

I'm ready to believe that Notre Dame worked out some deal
with my school to get a steady feed of smart people from
the local area. So many people go there each year from the
graduating class. I'm not sure, but with all the faculty
brats in my class, I think we may just set a record.

The point is, with all our immersion in Notre Dame culture
as it is, shouldn't we at least get a break from their
fight song? It's not even the greatest of fight
songs; "Knute Rockne, All American" is the only reason it's
so popular. Personally, I would have gone with the Georgia
Tech fight song. It would be difficult to come up with
appropriate lyrics, however, especially since my school is
so non-tech it's not even funny.

"I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech
And a hell of an engineer."