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2002-01-06 04:54:47 (UTC)


Well I finally got my shit together and cleaned and
organized my room a little. I basiclly haven't touched
anything in my room since before Christmas so it was a mess
of books, papers, letters, cards, presents, clean clothes,
and dirty clothes, jewlery and pretty much everything all
mixed together. Now it is neatly organized as usual, all
ready to be packed up:) I also finally got my crap
together enough to finish up my photo album, well as much
as I could do anyhow, FUN STUFF! It's not quite as good as
the stuff I did this summer but it will have to do. Let's
see I watche Mulan in the process of this all and then I
headed to work! My last day of work there for the season,
HELL A' YEAH!! So it actually went quite fast I worked
with a cool girl. . PLUS Janet was working too so we took
our breaks together! Let's see what else. . .Elizabeth
emailed me:) She didn't like Kate and Leopold quite as
much as me, but she is not a movie person, so I guess her
opinion doesn't count, hehe j/k:) ELizabeth is going to be
such a lil hottie when I see her next, I can't wait!!!
Well know I'm off to shower and stuff.

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