Visions Of Life
2002-01-06 04:38:04 (UTC)

Hazy Dreams... Forbidden Love..

Hmm.. First off.. My laptop has temporarly died.. Tragic! So
now Im on some older and slower comp.. *laughs* ah well..

You know what else is tragic? The fact that I use tragic
every 15 words.. lol

Yay! Im Going To Utah In 13 Days!!! *does a lil dance*

Projects Of The Moment

#1-Painting My Herb Pots

#2-Planting Herbs

#3-Finding/Building An Alter

#4-Finding Space in My Apartment For A Circle

#5-Studying Wicca

#6-Fixing Laptop

#7-Sorting Out My Twisted And Confused Mind

#8-Plotting World Domination

~I Have Been free Of Strawberry Vodka For 2 Days... On My
Way Now To Get A Glass.. *laughs*~

Current Relationship Status:

**Still single.. Still in love with a special someone..
Lately have been missing telling him I love him and hearing
it in return.. Just dont know what to do..**