Are we going to make it to the End
2002-01-06 04:27:01 (UTC)

Are we going to make it to the end the beggining ** : ) **

And here we go im really a go lucky chickibabe..!!
just with a dark input sometimes first i spink..
I will let u know me

Name Sharney-ann Marie McGlynn
Birthday 24.8.88
Age well duh im 13
Lives Sydney Australia 2262
Background 12 australian 14 english 14 irish he he
Food Bacon burgers with Curly spice fries
Weight in Kilos 47 kg ( average)
Height 5'3 (little short)
Colours Black Dark purple Blue and Orange?
Quotes - lets make a note of that

New years resulution to try really hard at school and well
get a BF !! ...


Ok well on Monday last week i went to my nannas funeral she
was like really old so i supose and its meant to happen
but since i have this way of imagining me sinking to my
death i was scared of death and was just a little carfull i
fell that their was no such thing as god (dont tell him
that) and no heaven or hell...!! (me being Dark gain)
But since this funeral thing Its not that Bad i feel and
maybe their is life beyond ??

School is starting back up soon
Oh god something i was so terribly trying to get away of
has come to haunt me dammit SCHOOL these holidays were good
but hell no not long enough its back ill be in yr 8 its
going to be so diffrent from Yr 7 and my friends dont seem
to be in majority of my classes except Geography because im
good at that the only things m really worried about is
Maths and Science my worst subjects ever im fairly good at
every thing else

Well my friend has just signed into MSN so i will go to him

P.S if u have MSN fell free to add me
[email protected] make a note of that : )