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life of a porn star
2002-01-06 03:53:01 (UTC)

complicated joy

well i went back to school this week and it was the same as
always. new years eve i worked and came home and went to
bed-thats sad lol. then new years day i worked again. then
i had the rst of the week off. thursday nigh magge came
over for awhile and we just hung out. she hs been seing
this girl,jackie, and t kinda boters me bc its kinda gross
and she totaly eats h. and the wost part is that they hok
up in the bathroom at school. part of me wants to be like
eww get away from me bc its weird but its still mags andi
guess i have to learn to deal. any way wed night iemailed
jared and asked imt o my dae dance and h said he woud check
with his gf and she is cool with it so he said he woud go.
so it bettr all work out. last night me andmags went to the
movies and then she slept over. then this morning i went to
bcos house for breakfast and then w all went sleding. it
was fun bc we are all like 18 and we stillo stupid stuff
all the time. i love being young lately. i really dont want
to grow into the ignorant aduts that my parents are lol. so
after we sleded we went back to he house and hung out. mega
is a weird person. she is so fascinating and i cant figure
out why. it bothers me somtimes. i dunno its all good i
guess lol now its almost 11 and i am prob gonna talk to
stragers or something. im really bored.