Rawn Aan

Disasters of a Drying Mermaid
2002-01-06 02:13:30 (UTC)

Deep Sighs

The computer's fixed, now. Not that you knew it was broken,
or even really cared, but my dad decided to defrag it after
he installed some virus-software, and somehow it screwed up
the way Windows was installed or something. He called a
technologically intellectual friend of his who talked him
through getting it up and running again, much to my relief.
I have to look for a science project online because I'm so
dry I can't think of anything myself. This is really
getting bad!

Back when I was in around kindergarden, first, second grade,
everyone told me how creative I was, and I believed them for
a very long time. But then I was thrown in school (jr. and
high) with all these CREATIVE people, and I realised just
how...uncreative I really can be! Ideas don't come easily
to me. I mean, I'm smart enough, and quirky (or just plain
weird), but I'm not nearly as artistic as I'd like to be. I
love it when I create, but somehow I never create anything I
feel is really worth it. In the rare instance I do, I hoard
whateveritis and spend hours thinking about it, just to
boost confidence or something. :) Like, once I painted a
black rose in watercolours. It turned out (in my opinion)
really well, and I taped it on my closet drawer. Not that
I'm conceited or anything, because I'm really not. Well,
not much. ^_^

When I was in the shower this evening, I tried a new
bodywash that I really like. But when I was washing my hair
(it's fairly long, and it takes me awhile) I looked down and
realised that I'm getting a little chubby. I'm sorry to all
the people out there who really are overweight because I
know I'm fairly slender, but I was once just plain THIN and
I want to be like that again. Anyhow, I should be looking
for Science Project ideas (bleh). 'Til again.

`Rawn f'Aan.