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2002-01-06 02:10:38 (UTC)

*~Music is an extension of the soul~*

I told my dad that my ex and I got back together. I must
admit, he wasn't overjoyed. He wasn't angry either. He
just wanted to know why. I told him how I felt, and quite
nearly everything else I could think of. My dad pointed
out that the relationship definitely wouldn't work if he
wouldn't let me and my ex go anywhere together in my ex's
car, and my ex definitely wasn't allowed in the house, and
my parents weren't going to drive me over to his house...
My dad wants to help me because I've been very selfless
lately. Normally my mom accuses me of being selfish, and I
hate it because I honestly try, but I guess I wasn't trying
hard enough before. It's a lot easier than it seemed
though. I haven't told my mom yet because she vocally
hates him, and that hurts me because I completely adore
him. While I was listening to my new Jimi Hendrix CD
earlier, I came up with my new favorite quote. "Music is
an extension of the soul." That's how I'm feeling right
now, and that's all I'm feeling right now, which is fine
with me. I'm really nervous about the talk that my dad, my
mom and I are going to have about the new old
relationship. My dad was proud that I wasn't sneaking
around his back, and I just want to be able to see my
love. I hope everything goes well... I just think that my
mom will totally freak out and get very angry, and I don't
want that to happen because when that happens she gets all
mad at me. Then she begins to cry, and my dad thinks I'm
heartless because it doesn't make me feel bad when she
cries. Later, I'll go into her room and apologize,
sometimes she forgives me, sometimes she calls me names.