The Katelyn Project
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2002-01-06 02:02:07 (UTC)

The Adventure Begins

Wow, yay, my first entry **first entry party**. I guess I
started this diary because I was watching "Legally
Blonde" downstairs when I suddenly got bored and
came up here, and did basically nothing up here in my
room (which is what I normally do)... and then I think I
stumbled upon this lil ole site and I guess it could be
fun keeping a public diary. So everyone will know about
my passionate infatuations with older news casters
(Tom Brokaw...).

Yeah just joking. So you can put down the phone.

I don't know what's up with me. I'm starting to add all
these weird personal things on the internet about me.
Like quizzes and stuff. In 8th grade I made my own
homepage (it was SO lame), and then the government
found out I was selling illegal fruits from Cuba on it and
they had to shut it down.

Just kidding again. About the fruits part.

Um... I don't know what to say. Today I got up and then I
ate chocolate and then I took a shower and then I ate
Chinese food and then I de-decorated my Christmas
tree and then I went to rehearsals. Fun times.

I'll come back and add more when I feel up to it.

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