Self harming dyke
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2002-01-06 00:50:26 (UTC)


mood and music: pissed off at having to go back to Brussels
tomorrow and the whole thought of not seeing her again
filling me with dread.

My brother had a few people around for a meal tonight. One
of them was his mate's wife... and she looks just like the
doctor! Aaaarrrggh! I've known this girl for ages and DO
NOT fancy her, but it was very odd to see someone just like
my beloved sitting in front of me at the table! It just
proves that it is not the looks, but the person (and her
power over me...) that counts. Anyway, an odd experience. I
am so sad that I may not see her (the doctor) any more and I miss her
so much...

I am a very sad bitch, aren't I?

I have decided to tell you about the book I am writing.
Currently about 16 000 words in, it promises to be a good
novel. One day I will publish it. Due to certain things in
it, I may even use the name Cat Fletcher (my internet name,
not my real one I'm afraid) when it is published. I use two names
of my loves to create the pen name. I would not let you
know my real name in case any of the ones I have loved find out!!!

Anyway, I should go and get some beauty sleep before my
trip back to Brussels tomorow.