changing lanes
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2001-04-11 03:39:17 (UTC)

late night

well world today is the day that god hath made
i was reading someones diary and they were talking about
over eaters anonymous -- i could relate so i looked it up
online and how about i think i should belong to
codependants anonymous i think i fit every description they
listed! why am i so nice? why do i take so much shit off of
evry men ive ever been with? well ive decided that enoughs
enough.!!!!! today steve asked me whats wrong with me i had
to bite my tongue not to just completely go off on him-i
mean were in this together right he of all people should
know whats wrong with me (HIM!) i try to support his dreams
but what about mine?????????????????????? i just want a
happy, stable home for my daughter not this bullshit
wondering if were going to be evicted or if the water will
be on. im just sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!
he's out right now putting together some compilation album
while im here typing in this stupid diary for someone to
hear me. well ill get back to you if i don't get evicted--