Holy cow...WHAT is going on here?!!?!
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2002-01-06 00:24:07 (UTC)

hmmm...this SOOO bugs me!!

You know what bothers me? The fact that people are STUPID!!
I am SOOO happy right now though! I am bouncing around like
a little kid. I'm not even sure WHY I am this happy. Last
night was alot of fun. I had a good time. For some reason
it didn't seem like there was the tenseness of the fact
that he totally likes me **he being Chris**. It was nice to
be able to talk as friends and not have to worry about
stuff. Today I had rehearsal from 10-3 for "Wind in the
Willows"...normally I would say that sucks, but something
was different today. It's almost like us older kids are
forming a, a really good friendship. It's the
most amazing feeling. I think it's a good thing that this
is happening, because in about a week, we're going to be
almost family. I mean, we've got rehearsals EVERY day for
two and a half weeks. It's going to be really time
consuming, but ALOT of fun. I love it. Like, something
clicked between a bunch of us today, and we just totally
became good friends. There is this REALLY hot guy, (omg, i
am talking to him online)...WHAT is wrong with me?! I NEVER
get this way about guys!! Wow, I think I'm turning retarded
or something! Hahaha my friend Kati is talking to him. Wow,
why am i so lame?! Okay, so my mom is gone until tomorrow
afternoon, so i have NO curfew. Very nice. I love this
journal thing. It's cool. Hmmm....I will be back and write
more later....