Joey has Turtle Power
2002-01-06 00:19:54 (UTC)

Roll Out

I am soooooooooooo tired. Oh my god, i can't even keep my head up. I
did ecstacy last night and oh my god it was awesome. I took three
capsules.... and waited, and waited, and waited. Toby started
feeling it, telling me that it's going to kick in any minute, chewing
on his binky, trancing out into the music... and i was thinking to
myself "what the fuck? this shit is bunk." But oh wait.... I waited
a liiittttle longer, and BAM! Joey is feeling goooooooooooood.
Daaaaaaaaaaaamn i like ecstacy. Just sitting there, well.... more
like laying there... listening to music was soooo nice. It was
relaxing, but at the same time... pumped me full of emotions and
shit. I couldn't keep my eyes open for SHIT... it was great. I'd
just get lost in the music, and not until someone would say my name,
would i move or even realize what was going on. Ashley, Toby, Jon
and I all took three caps... but Ashley didn't really feel anything
until we were going home, practically. And that was at 4 in the
morning. Toby puked. Ha ha! He walked out of t he bathroom and looked
so disoriented. It was cute. He said he got off more after he
puked... it re-energized him... i tried to puke when i got home, but
it just wasn't happening. oh well. i had a beauuuuuuutiful time
rolling. Highly Reccommended. Oh but the day after. That would be
today. Jesus Fucking Christ am i TIRED. Give me a wall to lean on
and i'll be asleep in 30 seconds. It's crazy. I feel sooooooo lazy.
But that's okay, because lazy days are deserved after partying like
that, right? Later.

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