2001-04-11 03:37:29 (UTC)

Well the days rolled by, I..

Well the days rolled by, I remember the time we had to move
out of the house and move into the tents "the green
meanies" they were called. They were pretty spacious and
they had to be really, if you were going to live in them
for 6months,

In mine I was able to fit my stereo and Tv my whole
waredrobe and a double bed. The TV and Stereo were both run
off a old car battery which I bought and temporary charged
up in the staff room before using it in my tent. It was
quite nice actually.

But anyhow I was getting to know the people much better, in
addition to Animal and Tom, I was neighbouring with Craney
on oneside and Ghetti on the otherside, They are both
second timers, Ghetti was from Canada and Craney was from
London, Ghetti was a big lad but he was the nicest guy
ever . He loved to work out and he was the most
accomoplished painters. He would do these drawings of his
characters and they always made me giggle.

Craney was a typical london lad, he always wanted to make
people laugh and he was probably the biggest player there
apart from Bravey although they never seemed to get on
because of that, Craney was cool he had so many ideas to
make the kids laugh and it gave me a good idea later on in
the year.

Well time went on and in May the second and third timers
were getting ready to leave Hillcrest and move to other
centres in France and Spain, These are hot water sport
centres and the mojority of staff there have been waiting
on lists to go to some of these sites!! They are amazing

It was a sad moment when they left.... I was only getting
really used to them being here as a part of a team, but
they left, The idea was for them to sparke off a little of
their experience so that it would help the new people to
get a hold on what to do in situations and expectations
which does work out bueatifully.

So I remember in the kitchen just doing what I had to do,
by this point I was managing the kitchen when Christina was
away on her breaks and I was assisstant cook. I thought I
want to do some instructing. So I spoke to kate to see what
she can do to help me and she got me enrolled on instructor
training course which would take me upto Boreatton park..
(head centre)

If you were wondering about my love life there was this one
girl there called Leanne, she was not really a stunning
girl and I would not look at her twice, but her personality
really caught my eye. She was really good with the children
I would ask the kids in the line for food, who their
favorite instructor was and Leannes name was always
mentioned. I don't really know why I got involved with her,
I think it was mainly a companionship issue rather than
love or lust,

When it was the summer I remember lying with her on the
lawn out the front of the house and gaze at the stars in
the sky because we were on a hill the stars seem to wrap
around us and we would count the satelittes It was so nice.

She did have a temperamental side to her though and often
she would ignore me some days and not talk to me and that
usually got me mad. Christina was a gem during those
periods making up excuses for why she was doing this,

Before I left for Boreatton I asked Leanne whether she
liked me and she did say yes, And I asked her out. It was
really nice to get things sorted before you leave.... BIG
MISTAKE never ask someone to go out with you before you are
about to leave anywhere!!!