Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-01-05 23:58:31 (UTC)

Rainy Days

How goes it?

Today was refreshing, I suppose. I woke up at 12:15
and have since then done almost nothing. I didn't leave
the house and I couldn't do anything outside because it was
raining. This is also a kind of depressing day.
I love gloomy days; to me they aren't gloomy days.
They're usually full of energy and I feel closer to nature
on these than any. So it isn't because of the type of day.

The reason it is depressing is that this is the last
Saturday before I go back to school. I've really loved my
two weeks off and I don't wish to go back to school on
Monday. I will, though, and I'll wait until the next
holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up, that's a
day off. After that I think it'll be spring break.
Mmmmmm. Spring Break. Easter. That'll be it until summer I
believe, but ah well. Such is the way things are. I'll
just have to make it a point to liven things up at my
pathetic little midget of a school. Heh, well that's all
for today! I'm about to finally leave, going to hang out
with my friend. Bye

'Till the Morrow & Goddess Bless
James (Drinin)

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