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2002-01-05 23:58:07 (UTC)

Happier Entry

Okay well not all my time is totally unhappy. That day
before everything got so fucking confusing was great. I was
just out walking with Dave and Trevor and I got to know
Trevor a lot better. He actually has this great personality.
So anyway, we were all at Barney Burger. We were sitting at
the counter I was between Dave and Trevor. Trevor and I got
the same thing except mine was smaller. It was sorta funny
that i was at a burger joint seeing as I don't eat red meat.
I'm strictly Turkey and chicken unless my Aunt forces me to
eat Ham, my most dispised meat that for her enjoyment i had
to eat with a big smile on my face. But anyway, we started
messing around Dave and him both put sugar in their water.
Trevor was like "Come on" I said uh no thanks and laughed at
them for stirring sugar in their water with knives as I
pulled at the straws I'd taken form our 7-11 stop. Trevor
then takes a packet of sugar still wrapped and drops it in my
water. I take it out. He drops in yet another again wrapped
with a big smile. I turn to him and say do you really want
me to put sugar in my water? He turns and nodds "yes, yes I
do." So i smile and tear open the packet drop it in and stir
it mith the approritate string utensil and offer Trevor and
Dave each the pleasure of one. And you maybe asking why oh
why did that girl steal stirring straws? I chew on them, I
have an oral fication. The ones I gave of course were not
chewed on. We then of course continued this game, Dave
included. Childish but so fun. Anyway it ended up with me
and Trevor racing to see who could finish off a packet of
sugar the quickest. I don't know who won i believe it to be
a tie, but i immedatly felt the need to throw up. So I
annouced so got up and went outside and stepped into an
alley. Oh just thought of Trevor and me in an alley. And was
feeling the urge to vomit when I remember my trusty Ginger
Ale in my pokect and whip it out. It calms my stomach and
represses my urge to vomit. I return graceful to hear "wait
did you really go throw up?" I reply no i felt like it but i
didn't. Then as a ritual Dave paid Trevor to drink a spoon
full of tubasco. Trevor did then anouced he too would go
throw up i offered him my Ginger Ale promising him a cure.
He denied and said he thought he'll be fine. Anyway there
was more playing and flirting and for once even though I like
him it didn't really bug me when he annouced other girls, i
mean they were all movie stars so duh, were hot. I think
i've grown enough in my mind to realize it doesn't really
matter if the guy likeshow other people are hot all that
matters is that they do find you attractive and come home to
be an idiot or not care about them to not care about that.
It's too bad I don't get to try to date Trevor. He's sorta
everything I'm looking for in a guy right now. And if any of
his friends read this please don't tell him or don't make it
a big deal if you read the other journals you'll understand.


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