Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2002-01-05 23:54:18 (UTC)


PHEW! Everything is ok! Zack got to come home! YOU SHOULD
SEE HIS CAR! It's at brecklins and the whole thing is like
majorly fucked up! A stupid mo-fo hit him! He is just
really sore and stuff. They had to cut his new AE jeans off
him! That sucks. But ya, I was talking to him online and on
the phone, now I wish that I could have him back. But I'd
rather be friends with him just as long as he is happy. :).
It might be hard at first, but hopefully everything will
just be great! I will deal with whatever comes to me, I'm
just glad and eternally greatful that he is alive. I guess
thats all for now! I've barely even studied yet! oops!

Love ya'll and Godbless!