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2001-04-11 03:31:22 (UTC)

A Not So Bad Rotten Day

Hello once again happy or not so happy diary people. I
hope your day was good, mine was not. It was just one of
those days wheree nothing went the way it should, you
know. In my French class, my teacher once again, out of
all the other people who were talking, singled me out and
made me feel stupid. Oh well, I guess I won't talk in her
class anymore. The nI will not be humiliated, right? In
the next block, my French notebook was stolen. I guees I
should just be grateful that they took the time to leave my
work where I could find it. So they took all of my paper
and the note book. I guess they needed it more than me.
Anyway, my PE coach gave me a new notebook, so everything
is good. I think I failed a test in English, but oh well,
I studied very hard, I just did not study the right
things. What's one test when I have the highest grade in
the class? I guess my day wasn't so bad. I'm still
working on being proactive. I think my quest is coming
along rather well. "I AM NOT A VICTIM!" That is the type
of attitude that I am trying to have. Hopefully I can
continue in my efforts. Mein engal is wonderful as
always. I feel very in control of my life right now. I
hope that the feeling lasts. A.J. came over today. He is
still depressed about his breakup. I hope he gets over it
soon. There's no use dwelling in the past. (I cannot
talk, however, for I am guilty of the same.) There is one
thing that I am realll letting get on my nerves lately,
though. Or should I say a person? We shall just call her
C.C. for the moment. C.C. is one of those girls you love
to hate. Tall, skinny, blonde, and worst of all, thinks
she's perfect. ANd she worships Christina Agulaira.
Uggggh! I cannot stand Christina! I think she's a good
singer and I like her music, but I think she's a skanky ho
and Red Lobster's got a crab contract with her. That's my
opinion and it shouldn't matter to anyone else, right?
Well, C.C. got up in my grill yesterday because I said that
I thought Christina was a ho. "Don't talk about
Christina" and then she gave me a dirty look. I do not
like being criticized for my opinions, and I do not like
receiving dirty looks. However, I let it go. Then the
little witch had the nerve to get in my face again today
just because I was trying to be helpful. She was whining
about notecards that are due in English on Thursday. "I
haven't had time to go to the library and research! Whine!
Blah! Whine! Blah!" So I said, "Well, you could go
today..." Then she got up in my face and went into a rant
about how she had swimming until 5:30 and dance from 6 to
8. But being "Proactive Girl" I kept my cool and suggested
that she try tomorrow seeing as the library is open until
7. What I wanted to do is tell her off. I am so proud
that I didn't. That would have stupid and childish. But
come on, we've had this project for over 2 weeks and in all
that time she hasn't had time to go to the library once?
Yeah right! I don't think this chick would know a good
book if it bit her. Oh well, I guess it is on to another
day of being run over by C.C. However, her and her
materialistic petty was were an inspiration for a poem I
wrote today. I seem to find inspiration in the strangest

Christina Agulaira
I'm so sick of all you wannabe's
Trying to look like, act like, and be,
Christina, Beyonce, Brittney.

You make me sick, thinking that Christina is a goddess,
When she's not even a true artist.
While the true artists are spat upon,
You and your pop trash rise above....

.....To fall.
And you will fall my little princesses;
Your legions along with you.
You are not goddesses,
With your hair extentions and slutty clothes,
You will become no more to us than the ladies of the night.

Your voices are your only attribute,
And they won't last forever.
Your perfect bodies,
Perfect hair,
Perfect smiles,
All too soon will fade away.
Sex symbols and sellouts don't last long.
The true artists and divas will soon take your places.

All for now princess killers, playa hatas, and chickadees.
Love to you all. Stay wilder than the wind and blow me
into cry.......................

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