Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-01-05 23:51:58 (UTC)

The Raven

The Raven would have to be my favorite poem ever writen.
For those of you who have read it, props, and those of you
who haven't, please do so. I LOVE IT. i am deeply in love
with poetry, and unfortunatly, havn't had the muss to write
lately. I've been in another world lately. Nothing has
fassed me, nor has anything come close. I think that when
one of my best friends, who is a guy, started blowing me of
because his girl friends are insecure, I sort of shut off
my emotions. It feels like he might as well be dead. My
mom, who is entirly cool, say's that i live in wonderland.
Which is kind of how i feel. Sittling there talking to the
caterpiller, wondering how were going to escape it. I guess
that's just how life goes sometimes.