Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-05 22:51:22 (UTC)

Andrea the poet strikes again lol

Yeah I flexed my brain and let my thoughts flow to write
something. Today was a day of thought as I sat alone in a
room that doesnt yet make me feel safe and at home. My
surroundings are so different and my life forever changed
when I said goodbye to IN and moved here. I know these are no good
but I wrote them so ...........


I sit here alone
As I look down at my hands,
One finger draws my attention
It looks so odd and feels so bare,
A tear streams down my cheek,
you asked me to wear a ring
as you slide it onto my finger,
a perfect fit a promise of us,
The promise was broken,
Now replaced with the memory
Of the day I slide your ring off my finger
And placed it in your hand


When I saw you

Soft heavenly eyes
gazed into me,
Transcending space and time,
and I was rendered still
there were no words for me
to find at all,
As I stood there beside myself
I could see you and no one else
When I saw you,
I could not breathe
I fell so deep
I'd never be,
I'd never be the same,
Only once in a lifetime
love rushes in
changing you with the tide
and dawns a ribbon of light
that burst through the dark
wakening your heart
And I thought it was all untrue
until there all at once I knew
When I saw you,
I couldnt breathe,
I fell so deep,
When I saw you
I'd never be the same


Little Girls Dream

Dream of a Little Girl
Dressed in white,
Flowers she picked
From outside her house,
Her stuff animals
All gathered on both sides of her,
She gently hums to herself
As she walks down the aisle
To the man of dreams
Played by a teddy bear,
She says I do
And smiles as she throws her flowers
Up into the air


Dream fulfilled

Perfect Place for a
Dream of a Little girl come to come true,
She can hear the waves crashing in the distance,
The water feels so good as it hits her feet,
Her hair blows in the beaches wind as
Her boyfriend grabs her hand,
He drops to one knee and looks her in the eye
And says the Four words to her she had always dreamed of hearing,
He slides the ring onto her finger and she says yes
To him under the perfect night sky
She thinks to herself it feels like a dream
And he plans to make her dreams come true