Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-01-05 22:35:03 (UTC)

I haven t written in a while. I..

I haven't written in a while. I dunno... I just haven't
really felt like it. We had a snow day on Thursday, so
Friday was our first day back at school. It was also my
first day at Phoenix, which pretty much sucks. The class
is designed for cetrtifiable morons. I don't know how i'm
going to take 36 days of this. Seriously, I think I'll
take a book and read. Anyways, i missed going to the IMAX
with Parker and co., but I did go to see "Imposter" with
Shannon, Mere, Katie and Lauren. It was pretty bad. The
ending made me laugh, tho... it wasn't really supposed to
be funnny....

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