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2002-01-05 21:45:13 (UTC)

My New NaughtyBoy

First, Happy New Year to all who passes by my diary
and reads it.
I hope and pray everyone had a good New Year.
I am glad the holidays are over and done with.

I have another new man in my life. His name is Steve and I have nicnamed him "NaughtyBoy." Because we are both "naughty".

Steve knows about Honey-Bear and all now. I thought it would be best to tell him. Honesty is the best policy.

I mean I can be both of their girlfriends and they can share me. Frank is willing to share me.

I mean Honey and NaughtyBoy eat pussy. I love it.
It turns me on when a man gets down between my legs and eats me out. Makes me cum and have a super

I love when a guy fucks me, I love it. I love my sex, I can not help it.

If it makes them happy, that is all I care about.
If I can turn them on that is what I want.

Sex is great. A man who does not eat pussy is not
a man in my books.

I am just so horny all the time. I need my organism
on a regular basis.

Love American Irish Rose
-Karissa Anne-