even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-05 20:36:23 (UTC)

and i ran my hand

so... last night i ent with alex to see amelie, and it was
really good... and we went to barnes and noble, and i got
a book of poems and some doosu cd's so its was fun, and
then naomi never showed up to pick us up, and mom sias she
would, then then she refused, andw e had to call everyone
and see if they could come get us, but nonoe could, and
paul was pissy, and stupy... abd ow hes downtown with can
and aum and mike... thats funny, he didnt' call me, and i
guess it doesn't really matter, but its uncharacteristic,
and kind of juveinile.. but... whatever... ijust talked to
joselin, shes back in town... thast fun...yea i saw kelly
and jason last ngiht too, they came over, andw e.. hehe, we
watched tv.. it was fun.. and thent hey stayed really late
and i woke up really late.. and i thnk lee left town, which
is nice thta he didn;t tell kelly oir i.. and i dont; think
he'll be back for a few days, maybe tuesday... so... thats
always fun.... so i fell better, after tlaking to joslein,
and mom just brought some food... mmm... and i pretty much
have a job at amys, i hope, we'lll see how it goes... ahhhhh