Evil Elvis
2002-01-05 20:04:38 (UTC)


Having a pish weekend.....no really I am!

My boss decided to announce just before going home last
night that she doesnt actually trust me to be able to do my
job....despite the fact that I've been running our office
for the last few months and trying to take responsibility
from her (she's pregnant and really could do without the
stress) Fucking charming.....I stupidly thought that it was
being noticed and stuff, obviously it isn't....

I actuall drafted my resignation letter last night...what I
do with it is still up in that air at the moment, but this
has really pissed me off....why do a job where you're not

However, I was told something else last night, something
that puts all the above in the shade....I feel embarrassed
even bitching about it, cos really it's super trivial. The
things other people have to deal with makes me realise that
things are more important than my pishy day at the office...