Deep Down
2002-01-05 19:21:20 (UTC)

Morning Beautiful

Well, today is going to be another long day today. After I
get dressed here in a few mins., I'm gonna go morning
surfing, go out to lunch, go to the mall and pick up a few
things, go ice skating, cause I promised Jen and her friend
that I'd spend time with them, make dinner at home, get
ready, and then head out for another gig at the Brew. Time
is slowly creeping up on me and I have so much to
do.....but I won't until I express my love and gratitude
for having you to talk to. My world is complete.....I don't
want another.....I don't even want to look elsewhere. I
have to admit though, I didn't expect this relationship and
to tell you the truth, it frightens me merely because I
love you like no other. For most guys down here it would be
tempting with all the tan blondes walking around, but not
me. I am faithful, and loving.........no one else in the
reflections of my eyes. I am falling and I never want
anyone else to break my fall. Here's another poem I
prepared for you:
New face, why so nice to me?
New face, came just when I needed you most.
New face, here's my heart.......be gentle.
New face, hold tight and don't let go.
New face, beautiful eyes upon which sparkle.
New face, please don't lie, but tell me all.
New face, plase don't leave like the others.
New face, don't cheat like the rest.
New face, tell me all your hopes and fears.
New face, love me for who I am.
New face, don't forget me.
New face, love me forever.

Love you forever and Always. xoxoxoxox

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