My Future is Uncertain
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2002-01-05 18:02:48 (UTC)

A New Beginning

So now that it's a new year I've decided to commit myself
to a few things. It's been a long time since I've kept any
kind of track of my thoughts and I think it will be good
for me. This being my first entry, I will begin a journal
and keep some kind of regular schedule. Thats one
commitment. Another one? Well what do most people resolve
to do after New Years...lose weight. Big surprise, but it
has to be done. I could blame it on baby fat (having a
baby, not being a baby) but that was old after about 6
months. It's now been 16 months and I have no more
excuses, except that I'm lazy, and I really want to do
something about it now. That's two. And there's only one
more thing that's been on my mind, I would like to create a
definate path in the direction that my life will be
heading. I graduated high school, and always planned on
going to college, but never was sure what I would be
intested in as a career. I'm still not sure, but I will
give it some serious thought and consideration.

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