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2002-01-05 17:37:52 (UTC)

January 5, 2002

I have this problem that doesn't go away, it is the right
that I hold to have my own problems. But the problem is
that I can't I must solve everyone else's problems and I
really hate that I see that other hurt and others have
fights and poor little me can't who is there fore me? And if
I choose to get close to someone they end falling in stupid
love for me or push me and back stab me!

What to do well I have decided that from this day forwaed
fuck everyone if I choose to tell anyone my fucken problem I
will but if not anyone person can read my mind and try to
ell me my fucken problems no one knows what I have seen and
been through and no one will I ask three times if someone
wants to tell me something if not I don't care anymore I
different person has arrived and everyone should beware!

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