LiL bAyBeE bYtCh

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2002-01-05 17:37:51 (UTC)

FiRsT eNtRy

well this is my first entry for this website..i also have a
open diary on .d.a.g.g.e.r. but that diary
just tells about wut im doing or whats goin on this one im
going to use to say how i really feel and my real
thoughts...well last night i was talking to nancey(rias
mom) and she told me how maria looked up to me and thinks
the world about me and she knows we dont have 2 talk to
eachother every day to prove how good of friends we really
are...and i just awww and i think the same thing to altho i
dont...she may think that but she deff. dont show it. but i
didn't wanna be mean and she well this and that ya kno? so
i just acted like i care...i dunno...then erin will lie
about dumb things...kissing boys,getting yelled @,chillen
w/ ppl that dont like her, and i just dont undastand, i kno
every 1 lies but ur only supose 2 lie to get ur self outta
trouble but eventually it will blow up in ur face but every
time i catch erin lying im scared to tell her nu uh ur
lying and that stuff but trust me im a VERY BLUNT person
and im not scared to tell the truth but for sum reason i
dont wanna say ne thing to her...i dunno but i g2g ill try
and write in this every day
luv always~Me

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