I Debbie...
2001-04-11 02:13:05 (UTC)

And the Saga Continues

I feel like I have to write in secret. But all I know is
that I told him about having the paper and after dinner he
holed himself up in the bedroom in front of the computer.
What a motivated man I have living with me. And the car
isn't still fixed right. What else does he need. He was so
excited that a tornado was sighted and I gave him the
reaction he always gives me....bupkiss. Meanwhile I continue
to transform. I trimmed my hair tonight. He came in while I
was doing this and said something about the song that was on
the radio. Ah-huh. And nothing else. I guess it would take a
brain to comment on something like what I am doing. Oh well,
can't depend on him,only myself. I Debbie