Anne Fox
2002-01-05 17:06:21 (UTC)

When I come around

I've decided that the reason why I am so fucking depressed
lately is because this is my year. This year is gonna be so
amazing and all about me, and I am just sitting around
waiting for the good time to roll.
So I kind of wanted someone really bad the past couple of
days and I thought he was starting to come around but hes
leaving for school tomorrow so there goes that.
I will not have had sex in five months on january 8th, soon
it will be a whole year, then it will be five years and I
am living alone with a lot of cats.
I am sick of high school, I would give anything to be
through. I hate everyone in my grade, they are all so damn
14 and so overdramatic. And everyday is the exact same as
the day before. Its just me allison and jordan, with weed
as our only way to have any form of fun.
I am through with Tampa also. I love Tampa more than
anything, its just I've been looking at the same things
everyday since i was born. nothing has changed. and i have
changed. hopefully, after college and med school i can
return to tampa with my perspective changed and proceed to
raise a family.
may the sun shine brightly upon you in this miserably cold

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