tom weaver

never wake up
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2002-01-05 15:48:56 (UTC)


alright, so kendra and i drove up to the palladium after an
always fun dinner at Brother Paul's... nothing to fun
happens here, just a long drive.. i think that we took
the "mapquest route," which i might say is the absolute
longest way possible... but anyway, we get to the show and
some random band is playing, i didnt really like them. then
Bleeding Through comes on... i have never heard this band
before, and it seems that they had a little pottential,
actually, they had alot, i really liked the band. they had
a nice style, kind of like unearth, but not as smooth. then
came death threat, they death sucked... not enough
screaming and their pit was full of giant tough guys that
were real down with hitting the ground... not a fan... then
came unearth... UNEATH!!! ohh what, what else need to be
said, i was on stage like 7 times and they played 2 new
songs and 5 others... it was totally amazing... i think
that im in love with them all over again. then came
throwdown, and they rocked... rocked enough to make me get
a shirt and a CD... i reccomend then to anyone who wants
aggresive music with a nice message.. good stuff from

on the way home kendra and i kinda got lost, but that
really didnt matter... it took us the same ammount of time
getting back as it did to get there, and then we had a
little fun... i had about 10 minutes with my back arched,
so that was nice.... thats about it, bye