My Life
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2002-01-05 15:32:24 (UTC)

My first day in CA

I want to write down everything that happened on my trip
but it's kind of hard to remember now so I'll just write it
down as I remember.
I had a great flight in but the plane was really full and I
was in the last row sandwiched between two young guys. They
weren't very talkative which was fine with me. I had taken
a pill before I got on the plane too so I was relaxed and
was actually able to doze off for awhile.
It was really nice to see my parents and my brother, it had
been a year since I saw my bro. He was proudly showing off
his new wheelchair, it's really cool and I'm glad he
finally got it.
Mom picked me up and had me drive home (she feels more
comfortable sometimes with me driving) so getting on the LA
freeways was an experience. I think people drive better
there but there are just sooo many people. We stopped at
one of my favorite little taco places on the way home and
got tacos and burritos, went home and had dinner.
I was really tired with the time difference but I had made
plans to go out to a bar with my friend from Highschool.
She is married and doesn't go out much and was looking
forward to me coming so we could have some fun. I would
have given anything to cancel and go the next night but I
knew she couldn't tomorrow. So I picked her up and we went
to the only bar we feel comfortable at. They have live
music every Friday, we know the singer and bass player, the
singer owns the place and although she's very fake and
plastic, she's always nice to me. We had a good time.
I danced a few, so did she. There was one guy named Ralph
who wanted to talk to us all night. Very nice and
entertaining but he was very short. For me anyway. I was
coming back from the bathroom and trying to fight my way
down the aisle, saying excuse me, someone grabbed my
shoulder, i turned around and it was an ex i had seen for
awhile. It was shocking to see him, but i greeted him
warmly and so did he. He came to say hello to my friend and
then we talked a little. The best part was he made this
comment at first about how much weight I had lost, that I
looked great, he was very complimentary. I really don't
know that I've lost much but I truly feel it's more in the
way I carry myself now. I think I have more confidence and
it shows. Although, it wasn't just him. I had an Uncle who
commented about it and a neighbor! That was thrilling to me
that people saw a difference in me.
So anyway, we almost closed the place, so I took her home
and then on my way home I see these bright white lights,
and i'm like what is going on, and it's a checkpoint! The
cops are stopping every car, so they ask me, "So have you
had anything to drink tonight?" and i'm like, "Well, ya, I
was at a bar tonight" but I had stopped drinking about 1.5
hrs prior and drank water, so I had to blow toward this
sensor they have on their batons and it came up that I had
alcohol on my breath (duh), so they made me pull over and
get out and do the whole test!!!! I couldn't believe it.
But I was OK, they said I was possibly borderline but
they'd let me go(I was fine). I was just really tired too.
It was 2 a.m. their time, 4 a.m. my time! And I had been up
almost 24 hours.
So I thank God that I did not have that last Cosmopolitan.
It could have cost me a lot of trouble.
The guy I went out with who looks like a Viking from old
times called me last night while I was on the phone and
left a message. I didn't call back because i thought it
might be too late. My cousin told me that he told his
friend that he had a great time, that it was relaxing and
enjoyable and he really liked me. There is a bday party
tonight for his friend's girlfriend tonight that she told
me about, wondered if he'd invite me. I'm going to call him
in a little while and say hi, but I'm glad he called back.
That's all for now.