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2002-01-05 15:24:20 (UTC)


Well I finally feel like writing in this again:) Let's
see what did I do this week hmmm.....mostly yucky stuff I
don't feel like talking about. So Hmmmm...I finally did
my gift exchange with my friends from home:) I got my a
new journal from Melissa W.!!! It is a really nice one too
and to top it off of my friends wrote some sort of memories
in it, it was super sweeet:) Mary seemed to like the shirt
I got her so that was good too.

Now let's see. . . .last night I went over to TJ's!! He
finally came home on Thursday I was psyched!!! So then we
went out to eat and to the movies. Of course I didn't
actually eat anything but it was fun anyhow. "Kate and
Leopold" is a wonderous movie, Seriously. TJ even said it
was, and I quote, "It was a GREAT movie!", hehe. So
definatly go see it:) I'd even go see it again when I get
back to school it is awesome.

Then he told me he had to work this weekend so I was not
very happy because I wanted to see him before I go back to
school. And it sucks because he starts class on Monday:(
Anyhow he said he could maybe get out of work early and
then I could come up and stay so it would be okay in the

Today is my last day of work and it won't be so bad because
Janet is working tonight too!!! So I'm off. . to do