16 years old and lost in life?
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2001-04-11 01:07:36 (UTC)

My B-Day

Hey not much to say today only that i turned 15 today!! yAy
YAY yay! MIke told me that i am giong to eat with him on
saturday for my bday so that was reallyreally cool! My
firend tessa was trying to get every1 she saw to say happy
bday to me it was reallyreally funny i have soemthing i
wrote about steve so i would like to put it in this entry
since i was thinking about him all day today:      
   
E m p t y D e s k

As I look to my right every morning I notice that there is
something wrong. It’s that your seat is empty every day. A
kid with a smile that could shine your car. He could make
you laugh as easy as it is stealing candy from a baby. But
everyday I look to my right to see that empty seat. I
watch the news and hear bout more suicides, homicides, and
school shootings. Everytime I think of you. In the
morning I look to my right only to not see you there. Your
moped is sitting in the garage with nobody to ride it.
There was a full tank of gas left in it. Postcards,
flowers, gifts will never bring you back. And it will
never show people how much we loved you. I still look to
my right every day, I walk in that door only to see that
seat empty. I wish you were here to fill it. Why did that
gun have to be there. You really didn’t have to use it.
We could have helped you talk it out. But now 5 months
later and I am still looking to my right to see that nobody
has filled that seat. It’s still empty waiting for you to
come back.
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