Mirror of my mind
2002-01-05 10:53:41 (UTC)

Shiny happy people and coins

All the dooms-day predictions at the beginning of a new
currency in Europe appear to be just fantasy. 5 days of the
Euro and already a lot of positive effects on people.
People are more patient in stores, more polite and more
friendly to each other. More contact between people, even
at the money machines at the bank.

Most agree that this new money looks like Monopoly money.
Gives people a holiday feeling. The only negative side to
the Euro are all those different coins. Will take a while
for people to get used to those. But, I'm already waiting
to receive my first Non-Holland coin.

An even brighter aspect of the Euro.... it's value is
creeping up to the dollar. First 1 € was $ 0.85, and now
it's already $0.90. Very handy for my upcoming vacation to
the US.

Enough about money. Enough for now... time for lunch.

Have a good day, all!


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