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2002-01-05 10:02:43 (UTC)

Big Hang Over

Hit me now!
You have no idea of how silly its possible to be before you
have read this:

A good friend of me Mo were having a party home in his
house and I was invited. I`ve knew it for quite a long time
and have been loking forward to this day for a long time.
He got me something to drink, we sheard a big bottle of
hot`n sweet, but I think I waas drinking most of it. I also
got some liquor an d cider from some boy`s. I dont drink
much normaly, but this got straight to my head, and I got
realy drunk.
A friend of Chris were coming so I was hoping that he would
get there to, I asked him on new years eve but then he
said that he diddnt think so. I dont think he likes Mo that
wel, and when his freind at the party left early I
understad that the chanses for me to see him was verry
little. So I was thinking that I could call him later, and
I decided already on new years eve not to call S*.
Pleace remember that I was REALLY drunk, I started to kiss
a boy I meet at the party, Ed. I knew allready then that he
wassnt my tpe, so I got to Mo a few times (he sais it was
like a million) and askes Mo if I would like Ed when I got
silver. Mo always answerd I dunno, plece dont aske me any
more. A lot of Ed`s freind came over to me and told what a
great boy he was, so I figured he was okey.
I got away from Ed for a whilw, wanted a minute alone,
called Cessy and asked her if I could call Stian. And then
I did, I think he piced up once, Im not sure, maybe I gave
the phone to a boy as I was walking down the stairs. I know
I did it when I was talking to Cessy.
He just hang on me, wonder why..........
No I dont think , well I dont remember, but I dont think I
ever talked to Stian. So I tryd to call Chris a few times,
he diddnt answer and I left a message on his machine (Help)
I tryed to call S* some more times, went crazy and had a
lot of fun with Ed. I dont remember much of the party, this
has never happed to me before, Im not like this!!!!!!!
Im a decent girl with a lot of moral.
Sudeenly I was all alone with Mo, Ed and some other boy. Mo
had a litte fight with him cause he wanted him to leave, so
he did. I was asking where we were gonna sleep. Mo had one
room with a single bed and one with a dubble. I thougt it
would be best if me and Mo sleept tougether, he has a girl
friend. Mo said it was okey by him, but fore some other
reason that I dont remember me and Ed ended up in the
dubble bed.
We keep kissing and started to fool around........
Next morning (today) I woke up early, I dont remember much
of the party, just that I tryed to call Stian a lot of
times and five this morning he picked up the phone, but
then I hang on him, wewe-silly drunk girl-me.
I was feeling bad for a while, but not that bad thank good.
I hadn `t been eating for three days and took a vever
before we went to bed. In the morning I went up to have
water and a new vever.
We woke up early (me and Ed) Mo`s famely got home and I
helped them to clean the house. I wanted to be nice. Then
at nine a clock me and Ed took the bus in to the city, Mo
where still sleeping.
In the city I realsed that I was stil drunk, I`ve tryed
everything, sleep, water and walk if off. Im gonna babysit
soon, and I dont wanna be drunk then!!!!
So here I am, its only 10:41 in the morning, Im still drunk
and have no idea what to do about it, anyone??
And I was right, when I got up this morning I diddnt like
Ed at all!!! Now Im sure everyone thinks that we have been
sleeping together, wicth he have NOT!!

So thats was about everything that I remember about the
party, my sister Karoline send me a message about a phone
call home to night. I think it might have been S*.
Yes, I must have blocked out what this one: Dante came.
First some pepole told me he was coming, I was drunk then
to. And then he came and took a lot of pictures, I think he
saw me and Ed kissing in the sofa. But I think I was
kissing Dante, just a little kiss in the kitchen. NO. He
was silver and kissing me and I kissed him back -or the
other way I kissed him, dunno.

Well, Im gonna take my buss home now, think Im gonna try
and walk some more. Cant be drunk when Im babysitting, Im
not that kind.

So pepole: I had a good time yesterday, that was the point,
but I did some stupid things. But I need help, what to do
with S* now, anyone???

Drunk Angel

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