worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-01-05 09:44:43 (UTC)


i have been ordered to serve at the pleasure of an online
Mistress for one month. i have discovered that women are
capable of more cruelty than men. For example...

When sitting at my desk i must always be sitting with a
large dildo up my ass. Often i am forced to remain as such
for long periods of time while working or chatting online
with my Mistress. As the aching grows, so does my misery
and her pleasure.

On day one i had to tell her everything i disliked about
myself so that she could use my insecurities against me.
Consequently, every morning i must write in big red
letters "Fat Cow" across my stomache. Often i must go out
in public without a bra to show-off my big tits that i am
so embarassed about. Likewise i must exercise naked so
that i can see my fat tits, stomache, and thighs jiggle. i
find this all very upsetting and am forced to write my
mistress about my distress daily.

Being a woman and knowing the uncomfort of visiting a
gynecologist, she has me visit a new one once a week to
undergo an examination. Often i am further embarassed by
welts still being visible on my tits and thighs from
prolonged wearing of clothespins earlier that day or the
night before.

Upon discovering my beautiful hardwood floors, my Mistress
has had me urinate on them and then lick it up or clean
it. i have also spent a great deal of time lying in a
puddle of my own urine in the middle of my living room.

On the rare occassion that i am allowed to masturbate it is
only after applying generous amounts of bengay to my cunt
and anus, with my left hand, wearing nipple-clamps, sucking
on a dildo, lying on the floor, wearing a butt-plug, right
hand tied to my ankle, and then having only three minutes
to cum or i must stop and beg for another chance which is
usually denied for several days.

She enjoys torturing me while chatting with her. i have
had to hold an ice-cube to my clit for so long it burned
and became stuck. i have had to attach electrodes to my
nipples and/or clit and obey her commands as to when to
turn the electricity on and off giving myself excrutiating
shocks. i have had to drink countless glasses of water and
been refused permission to use the bathroom so that i peed
in the diaper i was told to wear. She has had me play tic-
tac-toe with pen on my skin. She had me find strange
objects to insert into my cunt and ass then write detailed
reports on how they felt and which hurt the most. One time
as we chatted i had to pluck out a public hair with
tweezers everytime she wrote the word "slave" and each time
i read the word "you" i had to slap the inside of one of my
thighs with a ruler. She once tried to test my ESP
abilities by looking at a card and having me guess what it
was; the punishment for being wrong was a self-imposed
stinging lash to my cunt with a hard, plastic spoon (52 by
the time the game was over).

My mistress also enjoys incorporating everyday life into my
sufferings. One week i had to keep count of everytime a
person said "hello" to me and then whip my tits that number
before i went to sleep at night. Another week i was
forbidden from wearing deoderant and made to take every
opportunity to raise my arms while in public. i have also
had to wear a large butt-plug and sit on as many hard
surfaces as possible while outside my home that day. At
least twice a week i've had to wear a bra with sandpaper
sewed inside it that rubbed fiercly against my nipples
whenever i moved and was told to rub-up against as many
things and people that day as possible. Another time i
spent the day wearing a vibrator and had the controls in my
pocket; everytime someone said "hello" i had to turn the
vibrator on and then turn it off when someone
said "goodbye" thus keeping me aroused but unable to
climax. Anytime anyone complimented my clothes or looks i
had to ask if they thought i had nicer tits or ass then
offer to let him/her feel my tits if that was their answer
or spank my ass.