Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-05 09:37:00 (UTC)


I woke up, got dressed he came and got me, we went to
Springfield Mall, I flirted with Kyle as always, left and
got some Domino's (after leaving the chick in Friendly's
with an unclaimed iced tea, sorry). We rented Blow and went
back to his house. Shared the pizza with his little brother
Austin and watched the movie with his parents Dug and
Justin, a friend of his n Dugs. I had a pretty good time,
then we went to meet Dave n Erica and a bunch of his
friends and we went to Tom Jones, I will be taking Jeff
there might I add. That was a lot of fun, then we went to
see if Sproul Lanes had any openings and they didnt so we
went to Daves house in Delaware and played pool. I kicked
Dug's ass twice I'm great. But I must mention the
incredible shot he made in our third or fourth game, it was
rediculous. Clark drank too much when we were down there
and we had to carry him out. We got him back to his house
and he threw up all over the place. When we were almost at
his house he started breathing weird, scary even. Dug told
me he was at the place he gets everytime he drinks. I never
saw him like that, it wasn't even bad compared to the
stories I 've heard.

It made me think, am I a boring girlfriend, did we not have
fun when we were together? Cause for the two years we went
out, he never go like that. I dunno, it's not fun but we
were out with people socializing and drinking and having
fun. He told me he had went to Maui with Lou. It got me
really mad. He's wearing tighter shirts and listening to
some rap songs and going to Maui. Not that he's changing
completely, but he's opening up to new stuff. Why didn't he
do that with me?