Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-01-05 09:16:09 (UTC)

Wild entry here, but it s all..

Wild entry here, but it's all funny.

I am speaking in nonsense for a reason, I suppose, it's
just to roll the thoughts out of my head and through my
fingers, and then back into my eyes--feedback...

A damnable sleep invites itself when you are at the verge
of triumph, as you step upon that pressure plate and are
plummetted fifty feet into the ground. Rise up as if from
the dead, and claw your way to freedom, then witness the
dim faint silhouetted reflection of a mechanical bird with
rainbow colored wings overhead as it makes a clamor in its
uneasy task of staying aloft. Know then that it is
twilight, the end beginning of an old new day, and cast
your silent whisperings into the air to be carried off by a
gentle wind...