redrumkevs diary
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2002-01-05 08:30:17 (UTC)

12-31-01 News Years Eve. 2001

After the night before I was spent and unsure if i was
going to be able to go out. My stomach was a mess and I
just felt like shit. At about 9:20 I decided to go with
Darin to the US 12. Once up there meet with Gaz and
Skender, and was treated to an open bar, and great food,
crap legs, prime rib, chicken wings, and meatballs. Darin
meet a girl, Tina, and introduced me to her friend Kelly,
at the moment, I was still sick and uninterested in
anything up eating and trying to keep the food down. We
stayed at the US 12 until 12:45 when we talked Kelly and
Tina into going dancing at Frankies ( Skankies ) in Garden
City. Once there I started to kiss on Kelly, and we
danced, slow, and freaked, and got going. She told me to
hold on, slow down, that we didn't have a room. At about
1:40 am, Darin wanted to leave and Tina didn't, so we went
to his truck to get her coat and kellys, i gave kelly my
number not thinking anything of it, and she said that if i
didn't come back up there that she wouldn't call me. I
called steve to see if he wanted to get tina as my wing
man, as she was drunk and semi-primed. He declined after
telling me he got a meatwash from Deb-Ha. He went with me
to Angelas brothers house where I just wanted to get with
her. She was drunk and declined, and again pissed me off.
But I got the meet her little 16-17 yr old friend, Kyle, a
tony perry want to be, slick talking lil boy. I took steve
home, toughed it up, and went to frankies by myself. I
meet up with Tina, her bro bill, Kelly, her friend Katie (
skender is working ) and her husband Don. After a drink we
left for the US 12, which was closed when we arrived,
close to 3:40am. Me and kelly went to Darins, and did a
shot of Jager, which I now know must be chilled. Black
lickerous, not bad, but not good. And opened my b-day
bottle and did a shot of grape pucker. Saw T.A and Spoon
as we left, and they agreed i was good to drive, that was
mainly so they could see Kelly. Took her to her apartment
7701 number 201 or 202, in Woodbridge pond. After about 1
hour of talking and making out, and her making some food,
she changed into a hooters shirt from pensacola florida.
We made out some more, and i put her hand on my cock and I
was in. She lead me down the hall to the second bedroom (
here sons room, 4 yrs old. who was at her moms). She left
her belly chain on, nice touch, and I got into pornstar
mode of next over the next 2hr and 10 mins. started at
about 5:45 and lasted to 7:55, where i nutted all over her
body, the bed, and the wall. A true soak. The sex was
good ,except i did all the work, becuz she was to sick to
get on top, but not bad. She gave a good bj, and we
conversed most of the middle half hour just about stuff. I
got her to rub her tits and play with her nipples by just
asking, that shit really works, ask, then tell, if not,
leave. She ended the nite with a perfect line. "Thank you,
I needed that". I didn't take her number, just left mine,
and told her to call whenever she needed me. Home and in
bed around 9am.