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2002-01-05 07:20:01 (UTC)

Night of the Living Chris

Mood: Dead fucking tired
Music: 'Spin Spin Sugar' by Sneaker Pimps
Time: 4: 18 PM (1-5-02) Tokyo Standard Time

Holy shit, I'm tired. I haven't been this out of it since
boot camp.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, things have just been
really chaotic. I spent Wednesday and Thursday nights
helping Reid pack all of his stuff to mail it home. I had
to open yesterday, which was kind of pain, then after I
closed I went over to Reid's house to help him load up his
van so we could sell all his shit at the flea market today.
Of course, the flea market has to open at 6 in the goddamn
morning, so we just stayed up all night until then.

I got two calls at around 6 AM, the first was from my boss
asking me to open again. By that point, I was too cheerful
and too tired to say no ... I figured I'd just kind of
float along today. The second call was from my mom. My dumb
ass brother got himself arrested again for illegally
driving a stolen car. Once, ok, shit happens. Twice, that's
some bad luck. Three times is a fucking habit. I hope my
mom didn't bail him out this time. He knows his visa
expires in a few months, and he's already on probation for
the first two arrests. There's no way in hell he'll get
renewed, so that means he'll be deported before he can
finish up his senior year. What a fucking asshole. I hope
he's happy with himself. Hmm ... if he gets deported, I
wonder if I can go with him.

I'm sorry ... I'm not really cranky or mad right now, its
just that when my brain is running a little slow, I fill in
the blanks with expletives. I'm actually kind of just
zoning right now ... I dreamed about Rachel again ... god I
miss her, I haven't seen in her a year now. I haven't even
been thinking about her, but she suddenly showed up. I
wonder if I should call her. That's what I did the last
time I had a dream about her, and she'd been thinking of me
too then.

I got a Lite Brite for two bucks, that was rad. I also
bought a New Kids On The Block CD for my mom because she
was obsessed with them (and fucking Jeff sold her CD
collection for some quick cash two years ago). Reid also
gave me all the Playstation games he couldn't sell. There's
a reason they didn't sell, but I can't complain. I also got
his porn collection :D

Had a long talk with Reid about girls while at the flea
market. Man, I don't know what my problem is. I see women,
and I just don't think 'man, I should jump on that' ...
that's not me, but that's totally the kind of guy Reid is.
He's so funny. I'm tired of feeling so alone ... but when
girls come around or show some interest, its like all of a
sudden I don't want to have anything to do with them. What
is that? Maybe I'm trying to protect myself.

I'm talking to Mona right now. I'm worried about her
because lately she hasn't been herself. I care about her so
much ... I just want her to be happy. She's chatting with
someone in a private room right now. I'm too tired to even

I am SO taking tomorrow off.