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2002-01-05 07:18:12 (UTC)

It has been a while

I've been so busy lately, I've neglected to write in here.
So, just a little summary. Absolutely nothing has happened
in my life. Well, I shouldn't say that. I've been
working. Today I visited the high school (I'm so glad I
got out of there). Mr. Zuk will be coming up spring
weekend. That should prove very interesting. The regular
bs around the house. Although, it would appear that my
days living here are becoming fewer and fewer. My mother
and I will be looking at new houses within the week. Where
we end up, I cannot say. I've called the attic for my
room, though. And apparently, I now have an entire set of
furniture. When my parents move, they want to get all new
furniture, except for the table which they intend to keep.
Just looking for a guy now (and a place to live, of course).

On that note...great news today. Shawn is no longer dating
his girlfriend. He broke things off because he wanted to
try college life; I find this notion intriguing. Although,
he would probably never date me; especially, looking at all
the other girls at Susquehanna. Yet, I'll continue to hope
(but only because Ian told me to, a la Moulin Rouge).

Anyway, I've got some music to work on for my brother, so,
I'll have to continue this on the 'morrow.

Things are looking up,