Nicolas Reyes
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2002-01-05 06:40:16 (UTC)

Janurary 4th

Today I just got back from a 2 day sleep over. i was supose
to go to magic mountin but i forgot and lost out on being
able to go and have fun. Thats okae though, im not bitter
what can i say. anyways ive called nicole like 3 times
today and shes either just left not their or busy so im
like kinda mad but its okae ill still call unlike the last
time i was being stupid i didnt call her for like 3 weeks
so i wont do that again cause hott people dont deserve
that. but yah ill try to call her again. jared was supose
to come home yesterday and im sad cause i didnt call. ill
call tomorow and say hi to him. MOre than likely hell be
with candace and i mean its kewl but its scary for me i
dont know how they can do it but then again i dont want a
serious relationship like that and i guess that they do so
im really not in the position to make a logical arguement
so i wont. anyways my room is still clean no thanks to me
not being here my life is still going great but then again
its only been like 4 days so well have to see if it can
keep up my vegan diet is working out real good now im happy
i have converted i mean im not that strict with it so it
wont be that bad if i have a peice of chicken but ill see
how long i can go with out eating meat its kewl finding new
ways to eat things. I just hope that candace and jared
arent getting to far into somtin that they think they are
ready for i mean there only 17 and making these really
large life decisions mabye its just me thats not ready
but...i dont know so ill stop talking about that. i will
try to call her again (nicole) so ill will be ending now.

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