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2002-01-05 06:39:00 (UTC)

....just another day*

hey everyone,
my day was pretty good actually. got up and went on the
computer as usual. went out and got pills for my
grandparents and then rented some movies. the fast and the
furious is a good movie. if u never saw it i highly
reccomend you see it. its great. gotta watch that soon.
my nite was great. went to a swim meet at the high
school. WE WON! it was great i won $20.oo and saw a lot of
my friends before they go back to college. they all start
so early. im gonna miss them. after the swim meet, a bunch
of us went out to eat and hang out. it was kewl.
i dunno whats goin on tomorrow. id like to go to Wilkes-barre and
go shopping. GAP is my fav store. they have a lot of nice clothes and
jeans there. i gotta get more jeans.
Tim, you get better soon. dont want your "fiance" to get sick too.

welp, im gonna go now.



*~*you mean a lot to me. i miss you*~* :(