Gina Babina

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2002-01-05 06:37:31 (UTC)



It's friday!! YAY! Today rocked because Jessi and my
Mikey and Ryan were back in school. Plus Alison isnt going
to be home untill tomorrow evening. HAH! Me and Jinnie
watched baby boy, it was pretty good. Now i'm talking to
Steven and missin my Clay. :( I really wanna talk to him. I
still havent told him about me going to see him. We havent
talked in a few days and i havent got the chance to tell
him. Today Ryan pissed me off so bad that i dont think i'll
ever forgive him! Sometimes he takes his jokes a lil too
far, but it's alright cause jessi is gonna write him a mean
note( right hun?) hehe!! Welp anyways, i'm gonna go, i'm
tired and i gotta get up early and work on my stupid world
cultures project.

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