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2002-01-05 05:37:41 (UTC)

La Di Da

Hello all.. :) Today was rather uneventful, although
yesterday I got to spend 4 exciting hours on the phone
8waiting* to talk to a stinking nurse to make an
appointment. And then to find out I can't get one until
February. February! I'll be more than 7 months pregnant by
then. Geesh. You'd think someone cared. Oh well.
And Kira.. she doesn't seem to understand that when Mommy
tells her "If you don't hush you're going to sleep in your
bed" I mean that. She thinks that after I say that, and she
cries when she doesn't hush and I send her away, that I'll
change my mind. Why does she do that? She's a very smart
girl. You'd think she would figure out that it gets her no
where. Le sigh

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